Sunday, January 15, 2012


So I don't normally talk about my health on this blog, but since most of the people who read it are family and close friends, today I am. I'm currently eating a very big breakfast because as of 9 am I have to fast several hours. I'm going to have a CAT scan this afternoon. Although I'm not scared of the scan, it is weird to be going to a hospital alone even for a simple scan. At my last rheumatologist appointment, my doctor found a small lump, or nodule, in my neck. Since I have had hypothyroidism since I was a teen, it is most likely just a nodule on my thyroid. However it's a bit far from where my thyroid should be, so she wanted to get a better look. My parents did offer to drive up this weekend, but I asked them to wait in case I need the nodule removed. I would definitely want them here if that's the outcome. I'm pretty confident it'll be fine, since most thyroid nodules are just left alone. Well, back to my breakfast so I can finish up before nine!


  1. The thyroid nodule is moving up during swallowing and will be bright on CT scan if iodine contrast is used.The thyroid tissue can befound from the bottom of the tongue down to the sternum.
    Best wishes

  2. Seriously, why didn't anyone warn me about the gigantic IV needle they use for the dye? I yelped like a small child, and the technician kept apologizing for hurting me! At least the actual scan was very quick.

  3. Well, a needle for biopsy is about the same size and has a vacuum line attached to it.
    The thick electrical cables inside the CT scanner and a sound of it reminded me about a look of the subway tunnel from the moving train (unless you will told to close your eyes).
    For the procedure like that you definitely need to bring someone with you!

  4. Good news! My CT scan came back normal! The lump in my neck is most likely an irritated gland related to Sjögren's syndrome.